Woman Found Dead in Kensington Rooming House

An unidentified woman in her 20s was found dead inside a Kensington rooming house on Christmas Eve.

The white female was found naked, face down and covered with a blanket Friday afternoon around 3:30 inside a building on the 2800 block of C Street, Philadelphia Police said.

There was no cause of death released but there were no immediate signs of trauma, police said.

The area is known for drug activity and drugs may have played a role in the woman's death, said cops.

The death however was being considered suspicious since the woman was found in the same neighborhood that a serial killer has terrorized for the past few months.

The woman was found about three blocks away from where the Kensington Strangler's latest victim, 27-year-old Casey Mahoney, was found raped and strangled last week.

Earlier this week Philadelphia Police named the Kensington Strangler a serial killer after DNA evidence connected him to the murder of Mahoney as well as two early murders that left 21-year-old Elaine Goldberg and 35-year-old Nicole Piacentini dead.

The Kensington Strangler is also linked to at least three other choking assaults in the neighborhood. The suspect was allegedly caught on surveillance tape before one of those attacks, police said.

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