Woman Dodges Instant Death

Ashley saw the huge concrete beam headed her way

Ashley Campbell saw it coming – a huge concrete beam falling off the back of a flatbed truck Thursday. She ducked down in the driver's seat of her car at just the right instant, dodging death.

"And I kind of moved my head a little bit to the right, and thank God I did that, because hadn't I moved my head that inch, my head would have been smashed," Campbell told The Trentonian.

The huge concrete slab fell onto the roof of her car, crushing part of it so far down that it touched her shoulder.

"At that point I hurried, and opened my seatbelt and went way down to the passenger seat, and I pushed open the passenger car door, and got out quick as I could that way," said Campbell who is from Lawrence, N.J.

The accident happened Thursday in Hamilton where Ashley was picking up a friend.

"The truck driver came over and kissed me on my forehead. He said, 'Thank God you're alive!'"

Ashley's little Ford Contour is probably a goner, but like her mom told her, it's a lot better than the alternative.

"Do you know this could be completely different? I could be here trying to plan your funeral, you know?"

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