Woman Claims Ex-Boyfriend Uses Spoofing Site to Terrorize Her

She said her ex-boyfriend attacked her at a local restaurant and now he's allegedly stalking her. But so far police haven't been able to help.

"He did put a deep fear in me that I'm having a hard time shaking it," said Jacqueline Leftwich, who says she is a victim of spoofing.

Leftwich said the fear started two years ago at a Center City business when her ex-boyfriend assaulted her.

"He came storming in, it was 10 of seven, the restaurant was packed," she said.

Leftwich said her ex-boyfriend was in a fit of rage.

"He came in the side door, grabbed me by my ears and spit in my face," she said.

Leftwich said after that she ended the relationship but the terror was just beginning.

"You know what honey you are f-ing dead, you, your family," a recording from Leftwich's ex-boyfriend said.

Leftwich said she recorded dozens of her ex-boyfriend's threatening calls and gave them to police.

But she said her ex found a way to make the calls and hide his identity.

"When he started using the spoof card was after I had gotten the tapes," Leftwich said.

Spoofing is the use of an Internet Web site, where anyone can put whatever phone number they want to show up in the caller ID. The Web site changes the caller's voice, making the voice higher or lower and distorted.

The NBC 10 investigators exposed case after case of it weeks ago in the local area alone.

"You can kill a pig and put it in the penthouse but it's still a pig living in the penthouse," a spoofing message Leftwich recorded from her ex-boyfriend said.

Leftwich said her ex would constantly change his voice.

"He said he was a hit man coming to get me," she said.

"What she is going through is like you said a pure nightmare," Lillian Leftwich, Jacqueline's mother, said.

Leftwich's mother said she too is getting the threatening phone calls.

"Sometimes at night it rings and I'm scared to answer it," Lillian Leftwich said.

Police said they are still investigating the case.

According to Leftwich, officers have traced the calls to Fort Worth, Texas, but have not located her ex-boyfriend.

Leftwich said the calls are still coming and the terror has turned her life upside down

The operators of the spoofing Web site said they will stop service to anyone using the Web sites illegally and the companies said it always cooperates with police.

Leftwich said she has gotten a protection from abuse order but said until police find and arrest her ex-boyfriend she'll never be able to get a good night's sleep or feel safe again.

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