Win $25K Buy More Presents

Willy Wonka-style

Let's face it -- it's the holiday season, the economy isn't looking too good and there's a pretty slim chance that Santa will deliver that barrel of cash we are all hoping will appear on our doorsteps before Christmas.

But we still have to give gifts. Well, not have to, but want to.

That's why the people at PREIT Malls have decided to temporarily take on the role of St. Nick and give shoppers a Christmas gift of their own -- the chance to win $25,000 cash.

How, you ask?

Well, it's easy. For every $75 shoppers spend, they'll get a chocolate bar. Unwrap it and voila -- a contest entry form will be on the inside of the packaging.

Another form of entering the contest is available on the participating mall Web sites.

There are nine malls in the area that are participating in the sweepstakes, which starts on black Friday and ends on Dec. 13. They are the Cumberland Mall, Cherry Hill Mall, Exton Square Mall, The Gallery at Market East, Moorestown Mall, Plymouth Meeting Mall, Springfield Mall, Voorhees Town Center and Willow Grove Park.

Each mall will choose two semi-finalists and then in mid-December, a finalists will have the chance to "unwrap" their prize -- $25,000, $1,000, or something smaller.

PREIT is also offering other holiday promotions like free refreshments for early shoppers, a Holiday Gift Card Promotion and other giveaways.

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