Will Smith Slaps Man Who Tried to Kiss Him

Cameras rolled as Smith pushed away and lightly smacked a Ukrainian reporter who tried to kiss him on either the mouth or cheek.

A Ukrainian reporter was caught on video getting a bit too close for comfort for Hollywood superstar and Philadelphia-raised Will Smith.

Smith was in Moscow for the premier of his new movie Men in Black 3 when he was greeted by a Ukrainian reporter on the red carpet. Cameras rolled as the reporter hugged Smith then tried to kiss him on either the mouth or the cheek. Smith quickly pushed the reporter off of him.

“What the hell is your problem buddy?” asked a visibly shocked Smith.

Smith then lightly smacked the reporter in the face before walking away. He quickly regained his composure and laughed it off as he walked towards another reporter.

“Hey sorry, he tried to kiss me in my mouth!” said Smith. “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him! Oh sorry, I said that on camera.”

TMZ reports the man who tried to kiss Smith is a television reporter who often kisses celebrities as part of his shtick.

So did the Fresh Prince overreact or did the reporter cross the line by invading his personal space?
You be the judge.

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