Who Said Receivers Can't Win Championships?

Larry Fitzgerald is the latest to prove doubters wrong

After watching the NFC Championship game on Sunday, can anyone even question whether or not a wide receiver can win a championship for a team? 

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald just about single handedly carried the Cards to the Super bowl. Fitzgerald will haunt the Eagles dreams for some time to come.

The argument throughout Philly every off-season is whether or not the Eagles need a “number 1” wide receiver in their offense.

Fans haven't held back on the subject -- their desire for the Eagles to obtain a weapon at wideout to help quarterback Donovan McNabb. 

Remember this past off-season when talks escalated between the Eagles and Cardinals about Fitzgerald?  Fitzgerald wanted his contract redone and the Cardinals had some difficulty getting it done at first -- the Eagles tried to capitalize and snatch Fitzgerald away.

Acquiring Fitzgerald was more of a fantasy for the fans here in Philadelphia rather than reality. Still, the ending may have turned out a lot differently for the Birds if Fitzgerald was wearing Eagles' green this season instead of Cardinals' red.

Going into the NFC Championship the only receiver that seemed to have the Eagles defense on their heels was Fitzgerald. The Eagles had one of the most dominant defenses coming into the game against the Cardinals.

The Eagles D hadn't allowed a wide receiver to catch a touchdown since the team played the Cardinals back on Thanksgiving night. Who was the guy to score that touchdown on Thanksgiving night? No Surprise, it was Fitzgerald. 

Fitzgerald wasn't intimidated in the Championship game as he took apart the Eagles secondary. He caught nine passes for 152 yards and scored three touchdowns. 

The Cards receiver's domination on the field showed the importance of having a central weapon at the wide receiver position. 

Fitzgerald's acrobatic performance proved “certain” sports radio hosts and media who claimed the wide receiver position couldn’t win championships wrong, again.

In the playoffs, his numbers are baffling. He has caught an astonishing 23 passes for 419 yards and five touchdowns in three games.

The Eagles seem to realize the importance of a No. 1 wideout. They drafted DeSean Jackson to make big plays and he responded with a great rookie season. 

Jackson could turn out to be that ultimate weapon for the team in the future, but if only the Eagles recognized their deficiency at this position when McNabb and Brian Westbrook were in their prime.   

So to any of the fans, talk radio hosts or anyone else still questioning the importance of the wide receiver position, eat your own words.

Wideouts win championships -- here is the proof.

No. 1 receiver Plaxico Burress caught the winning touchdown for the Giants last season.
The Indianapolis Colts won behind QB Peyton Manning, but let’s not forget about his two stud receivers, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. 

This year may be the same old story, a stud wide receiver carrying his team to winning that Super Bowl title.

That guy could be Fitzgerald -- too bad he isn't wearing green.

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