What Does Cole Hamels Like?

Phillies ace Cole Hamels likes a lot more than just baseball. He enjoys history, Wawa, Hugo Boss and Heavenly Beds, according to the Phils pitcher.

In a recent interview for LikeMe.Net Hamels gave his picks for the best places, restaurants, clothing and hotels in the Philadelphia area. Picking Philly favorites wasn't a stretch for the Southern-California native because he now resides in Center City and often hits up spots throughout the city with his wife Heidi.

Hamels must be a bit of a history and movie buff.  He loves all the history in Philly especially all the patriotic locations featured in "National Treasure" and he also loves going to the top of the Art Museum steps just like "Rocky."

But the most interesting tidbits were about some of the finer things that Hamels likes including the "Heavenly Bed" at Westin hotels and Hugo Boss clothing.

Cole still loves Wawa and ate it constantly when he was in the minors. But, his tastes have refined to include places with great food and great service like Union Trust Steakhouse and Buddakan, he said.

We wanted to know what didn't make it onto the video so we reached out to Abington-native Dana Strokovsky who sat down with Hamels.

She shared some of Cole's other like including his opinion on a Philly staple and music.

Hamels thinks the best cheesesteaks in Philly come from street vendors even though he still likes Pat's and Geno's (how political of him), he told Strokovsky.

And Cole likes to rock when it comes to his musical tastes, which include his hometown's-own Blink 182, Linkin Park and Nickelback.

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