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Burgers are making a comeback. Finer cuts of meat and options in turkey, vegan, and gourmet are moving the classic American sandwich back into the mainstream after a brief exile by those unhappy health nuts, but for the burger-lovin’ Philadelphian, we have a tasty and trendy new grill right in the heart of Center City, goodburger.

The immaculate new goodburger (with a small ‘g’) is smack in the middle of Chestnut Street, between 17th and 18th, making it ideal as a lunchtime destination for thousands of locals. The food is cooked to order, so while you will be in-and-out pretty quickly, it isn’t as speedy as Mickey Dee’s. However, if you’re a clock-watcher worried about that lunch rush, you can pre-order your food on goodburger’s convenient website.

Goodburger’s beef patties give their fast-food competition a pounding. Regardless of your choice (turkey, beef, or chicken) the patties are fresh, sizzling, and enormous. The mega-popular cheeseburger ($6.00) is a mouthful of grade A beef topped with a fantastic blend of white and yellow cheddar cheese. The turkey burger ($6.75), is a homemade patty of all-natural low fat turkey with tri-color bell peppers, red onion, and parsley all diced in for big flavor. For those of you who are strict herbivores, the veggie burger ($6.75) is delicious. You can opt to have yours with whatever fixings and toppings your tummy desires, from bacon to fried onions to pickles and fresh tomato slices. If you're not into burgers, you can also choose from a menu of sandwiches that features options like grilled cheese, Portobello mushroom, and BLT.

A goodburger meal isn’t complete without accompanying your burger (or sandwich) with one of their sides. The regular fries ($1.95) are crisp and served piping hot, and are nearly as delicious as the beer battered jumbo onion rings ($2.95). You’ll have a tough time deciding between the two. For the truly famished, we advise you throw caution to the wind, and dive into a pile of the cheese & chili fries (crispy Idaho fries topped with melted white and yellow cheddar then smothered in goodburger’s own Texas chili) and all fries are cooked in zero trans fat veggie oil).

Lets talk milkshakes, frosty, thick, tasty milkshakes. Made with hand scooped ice cream and milk, you can choose from chocolate, strawberry. the Black Cow (vanilla with a swirl of chocolate syrup), cookies & cream (add $1.00), strawberry banana (add $1.00) and the decadent fudge brownie. Goodburger serves all your favorite old sodas like the cherry-lime flavored Lime-Rickey, old-fashioned rootbeer, and the fountain soda throwback Egg Creme If sweets and sodas aren’t what you crave during lunch hour, goodburger also serves beer!

So, when you get that hungry hankering that only a good old plate of Americana will satisfy, don’t opt for microwaved fast food or greasy slop from the corner roach-coach. Give your belly a goodburger and do a few extra minutes on the treadmill. Trust us, it’s worth it.

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