Watch Us Read Grant Achatz's Mind

Though he's already earned virtually every culinary award on the planet, tonight world famous chef Grant Achatz of Chicago-based restaurant Alinea can add another shiny medal to the mantel: USA Network's Character Approved Award. He'll be honored along with a dozen other recipients during an hour-long award show on USA Network at 11 PM EST/10PM CST.

Given that Achatz already has a well-documented story about his successes and is looking fairly exhausted by repeat questions about forthcoming concepts Next and The Aviary, we figured what better time to probe further? Watch the typically calculated chef rack his brains over some of our questions in this latest episode of Sin City. [The Feast]

Sin City is The Feast's signature interview series, wherein we get to know the city's characters in a biblical sense, by asking them seven very serious questions.

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