Watch “The Next Food Network Star” With a Hopeful

Sidecar Bar is hosting a viewing party with contestant Katie Cavuto

Ever want to ask a reality TV contestant what on earth they were thinking while you were actually watching their show? Here's your shot. The Next Food Network Star competitor and Philly resident Katie Cavuto will be at G-Ho's Sidecar Bar on Sunday, June 14 at 9 p.m. for a viewing party. The TVs will be tuned to the Food Network to catch the second episode of the fifth season. 

Cavuto is one of 10 contestants battling it out in the cooking competition for the big prize: her own Food Network show. The former gymnast is a registered dietician and a Johnson-and-Wales-trained chef who specializes in healthy, local and organic foods, so don't expect her to whip up any double-decker bacon cheeseburgers... or cheesesteaks.

She's also contractually forbidden from revealing whether or not she's won the competition, so don't even try to bribe her with booze... but feel free to ask her what Bobby Flay is really like. And don't forget to cheer for the Philly girl slicing and dicing it on the Food Network!

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