Watch Out! Winter Weather Hits Area

Winter storm watch for much of the area Tuesday

A winter storm watch is in effect for Tuesday during the day and night for all counties north and west of Philadelphia.
There is the potential for significant ice accumulation in those areas starting Tuesday afternoon.
Some snow accumulation is possible far north and west of Philly, but the main threat would be the sleet accumulation that could affect the afternoon rush hour on Tuesday.
In Philadelphia the precipitation will start as rain and likely turn to sleet. Several hours of sleet is possible, along with a change to a little bit of snow by Tuesday evening. Farther south, it will be an all rain event.

Here is a timeline of how the day will play out:

  • Morning Rush
    40 degrees
    Light rain across the area.
  • 11 am – 4 pm
    34 degrees
    Precipitation will change to sleet.
  • 5 pm – 10 pm
    32 degrees
    Snow will begin to fall in the north and west suburbs. A mix may be seen around the city. Rain will dominate the south and east.

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