Warning: New Email Scam Uses Fear Tactics

A new email scam has some local people scared of leaving their homes.

"It says we will stop at nothing -- pick you up off the street you'll never see us coming," said Lynn Powell of Glassboro, N.J.

Powell and her husband have been afraid to walk out of their home because of threats she is receiving in her inbox. 

Powell has been receiving emails that look very official for the last week. The emails claim to be from the anti-terrorist and monitory crimes division of the FBI.

The email includes FBI insignia and a picture of FBI Director Robert Mueller. The email asks for over $500 to obtain documents.  

Powell was told if she didn't send the money within 24 hours that she would be arrested and detained as a money launderer and/or terrorist, she said.

The Army vet responded to the email that she didn't have 50 cents much less 500 dollars.

"It just made me physically ill and this email could come from anyone's computer," said Powell.

Powell then called the NBC 10 investigators -- NBC 10 called the FBI.

These are scams pure and simple and not how the FBI works, said FBI officials.

After closer inspection this seems to be a new twist on old scams like the Nigerian email scam, the lottery notification scam and others. But, the FBI is concerned that this new version looks more official than most and is frightening people.

The FBI is encouraging people to keep an eye out on this scam and others.

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