Wal-Mart Taking Heat for “Adolf Hitler” Cake

Some people aren't so sweet on the icing policy that was in place at Wal-Mart after the bakery at a Lower Nazareth Township, Pa. store put the name Adolf Hitler on a birthday cake.

Adolf Hitler Campbell's parents went to the Lower Nazareth store hoping to get a specialized name cake for their three-year-old's birthday after being turned away at another area store.

The plight of little Adolf Hitler's parents trying to get their son a cake has made worldwide headlines and caused controversy.

Wal-Mart told NBC 10's Stacey Weaver that they are reviewing their cake decorating policies that up until now only censored profanity.

The company said that they realize that they may have offended some people by decorating the cake.

One shopper said he wouldn't have made the cake and that the store should have had better sense.

Others thought the store just simply honored the family's constitutional right.

"I hate it! I hate it, but how can you say they aren't allowed. If you are going to allow these freedoms that are in our constitution, sometimes it goes against what we believe," said shopper Denise Ackley from Easton.

Paul Lambert of Bangor, Pa had a more interesting analogy for the controversy.

"If his parents named him Jesus Christ, I'm sure they would put Jesus Christ on the cake," Lambert said.

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