Vive Le Foie

A luxury menu item goes cheap for a week

Foie Gras Week kicks off today launching a whole week of pure, unadulterated, culinary indulgence. In seven days, our waistlines may be larger and our cholesterol levels might be off the charts but it's so worth it.

The week-long event is being sponsored by a group of local chefs who are trying to drive home the point that, in their restaurants, they can serve what they what to -- past protests and threats of city-wide bans be damned! The 18 participating restaurants will offer at least one $5 foie gras dish (in all forms) on their menu through next Thursday. Diners can vote on their favorite dish throughout the week, and the winner who votes -- and eats -- the most will win a free dinner from the restaurant with the best foie gras dish.

Thankfully, event organizers aren't expecting the vocal protests of yore (they've moved on to another cause, as they always do), leaving us to stuff our faces without being harangued via a megaphone -- not that it stopped us before.

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