LeBron Makes a Move, But Vick Still Tops Q’s Most Hated List

Q scores measure a sports stars' demographic appeal -- and even a catastrophically self-centered ESPN special and good game against Green Bay can't rescue no. 7 in the standings.

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We're no. 1! We're no. 1! We're no. -- oh, it's a bad thing? The Philadelphia Eagles still harbor the most hated man in sports, according to Q Scores, Inc., a marketing evaluation company that rates a personality's demographic appeal. Killing dogs will do that, no matter what Michael Vick does against Green Bay.
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The only thing worse than killing dogs, says America, is cheating with a parade of hookers and strippers and waitresses while your pretty blond wife is at home with the kids, assuming your tee time means exactly that. Tiger Woods, no one likes you anymore.
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Some people may think being banished to the Bengals is punishment enough for wide receiver Terrell Owens. Those people are not polled by Q Scores. They are also not Eagles fans, who remember all the problems Owens caused as things went south with Donovan McNabb.
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Despite a media and TV takeover Kate Gosselin can admire, Bengals wideout Chad Ochocinco is still the third-most hated man in sports. We can laugh at his high-waisted dancing pants, but that doesn't mean we laugh with him.
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Kobe Bryant has done more to heal his image than anyone who's ever apologized for maybe-rape. But winning eleventy bajillion titles with the Lakers isn't exactly endearing, either. Enjoy your four-spot, Kobes.
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LeBron James moved up to No. 6 thanks to holding all of America hostage with the jerkiest ditching of a sports town since Robert Irsay. His hop from Cleveland to Miami, says Q's VP Henry Shafer, "was one of the most detrimental acts – not related to any anti-social behavior — by a sports personality since the Q Scores were first developed more than 45 years ago."
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But no one, and we mean no one, tops our own Mike Vick. Eagles fans can only hope he's equally a winner if he leads the team against the Lions on Sunday.
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