Vick-Kolb Voltron Ranks Second In NFL QB Ratings

It's safe to say few saw this coming: whether Kevin Kolb or Michael Vick, the Eagles have duct-taped themselves a performance at quarterback second only to Payton Manning by a tenth of a point.

Bleeding Green Nation ran the numbers, and they're pretty interesting: Michael Vick, with his small sample size, enjoys the highest QB rating in the league at 108.8; Manning is next with 103.4; and the Vick-Kevin Kolb Voltron is third with 103.3.

Perhaps the craziest thing -- having watched the pre-season -- is that Vick is only mostly responsible for such a showing. On his own, Kolb sits seventh, squarely between Tom Brady and Drew Brees at 98.3.

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Of course, neither Vick nor Kolb has played more than a few games' worth at this point and whether either could sustain such numbers over the course of a season is only an educated guess. And obviously, it doesn't mean the Eagles are winging their way to the Super Bowl -- Tony Romo is 10th, for heaven's sake -- and he's 1-4.

The important thing is that in the immediate aftermath of releasing Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia aren't experiencing any drop-off in production. If anything, they're just trying to stifle the giggles -- that's McNabb, way down there, with the 10th-worst rating in the entire NFL.

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