Vick: “Don't Count Me Out”

Counting down the days until Michael Vick returns to the Eagles’ starting lineup? Well, you might just get an early gift. The Elusive One says he still may yet play on Sunday against the Falcons: 

Vick, the quarterback who sat out last Sunday with a rib cartilage tear suffered the previous week against Washington, didn't practice yesterday, but after practice, Vick said "don't count me out" of Sunday's game.

Eagles coach Andy Reid said before practice that Vick had begun light weightlifting but was not yet throwing a football. Vick said after practice that he is throwing, and "got my motion back, baby."

When a questioner ventured that he seems unlikely to play this week, Vick said: "I wouldn't say that."

Vick also denied that he was rushing back early just so he could face his former team, the Falcons. But of course he’ll say that. Deep down, I’m sure he secretly relishes the idea of throwing for 3 TD’s and rushing for 8 TD’s against Arthur Blank and company.

As for Vick and Reid differing on whether or not the QB was able to throw yesterday, you should take into consideration that athletes ALWAYS lie about injuries. Always. Since the dawn of time. Vick could have both his legs sheared off in a lawnmower accident, and two days later he’d tell you he’s feeling the best he’s felt in years. That’s just what athletes do. They lie about how bad their injuries are, so that they can trick themselves into believing they can keep playing and succeeding.

Then there’s this from Vick: 

Could he play without practicing this week?

"I don't practice to play," he said. "Not to be arrogant or sound arrogant, but I don't need practice to play."

I’m sure he doesn’t, but it certainly would be nice. Obviously, Vick wants back on the field, but that decision isn’t going to be left to him. Andy Reid is going to have to decide if it’s worth pushing Vick out there early. Remember: Jason Peters is out, which means John Abraham gets to run wild on Philly. Maybe Vick’s presence will help alleviate the pass rush, but it also makes him more susceptible to getting killed again. It’s not an easy choice. Expect Reid to make it at exactly 12:59PM on Sunday.

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