Vick Not Telling if He Owns a Dog

Eagles QB deflects questions of pooch ownership sparked after he tweeted a photo from his home that featured doggie treats

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So does Mike Vick own a dog again?

If the Eagles quarterback who served time in prison for dogfighting does, he isn’t telling.

“I’m here to strictly talk about football,” Vick told reporters after practice Wednesday when asked if his family had a pooch. “What goes on in my personal life is not to be talked about. What’s most important right now is the Philadelphia Eagles and getting a win this Sunday.”

Vick started conversations about possibly owning a dog again after he posted a photo to Twitter last week. The picture showed Vick and his daughter doing homework together and also featured a large box of dog biscuits and a pink folder with dogs on it. posted the photo, which Vick quickly deleted and replaced with a photo sans the doggie treats.

Normally, people don’t have dog biscuits around unless they own a dog. If Vick really doesn’t have a dog you would think he would have told reporters that but he didn’t.


The fair conclusion to be drawn from Vick’s “no comment” on whether he has a dog is that, yes, Vick has a dog. Which makes sense, given the tweeted-and-deleted photo of Vick and his daughter doing their respective homework, with a box of Milk Bone dog biscuits on the table.

If Vick does, or doesn’t own a dog, the right of a convicted dog killer to own dogs could strike some as wrong. What do you think?

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