Vetri's Free Tonight

Whet your appetite with stories from the chef himself

Marc Vetri's mug is everywhere these days. There was a recent profile of the chef/owner of Vetri and Osteria in Gourmet magazine and bookstores across the country are currently selling his new book, Il Viaggio di Vetri: A Culinary Journey.

In Viaggio, Vetri chronicles his rise to the top of the Philadelphia food scene through essays detailing his days as an apprentice chef in Bergamo, Italy and recipes taken from the menu of his flagship restaurant. The book is 280 pages of high-gloss, drool-inducing photos (I ruined my copy wishing it would magically turn into a scratch-and-sniff book.), personal anecdotes and recipes I could only dream of making. I'll think I'll leave the actual cooking to the master and just reserve a table instead.

Tonight, Ashely Primis, Food and Lifestyle Editor of Philadelphia Magazine interviews the chef at the Free Library of Philadelphia about his new book, his restaurants and his love of cooking. A meal at his restaurant may cost a pretty penny, but tonight his giving his delicious stories away for free.

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