Vegan Outpost Sets Swan Song for July 2

Horizons, Philly's most famous vegan outpost, has set their last night of service for July 2. Owners Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby are celebrating the end of their long run on South Street by bringing back their greatest hits these last few weeks. Since the menu will change often during this time, we suggest ringing the restaurant to find out when your favorite will be a daily special. And, if you have any requests, the crew at Horizons are asking you social media-savvy folks to tweet at them with suggestions.

The news isn't all bad, though, as Landau and Jacoby are planning to open another spot in September in Center City. The new restaurant will feature small vegetable plates instead of the seitan and tofu-focused multiple component dishes that made Horizons a household name with the veggie set.

While the new restaurant will be a welcome addition to the Philly food scene, we're losing a piece of our culinary history when Horizons locks up for good. Landau and Jacoby were the first vegan chefs to cook in the James Beard House in NYC, and they taught a generation of omnivores that the words succulent and savory weren't only applicable to meat.

The current Horizons space will become an outpost of Hopewell, NJ's Nomad Pizza in September. [The Feast]

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