Utley is Hip to Recover

Phils second baseman has successful surgery

Chase Utley is on the road to recovery after successful hip surgery on Monday.

The Phils all-star second baseman had an arthroscopic debridement of his labrum and a bony lesion that were fixed by Dr. Bryan Kelly the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, according to the Phillies.

Originally the team announced that Utley may be out of action until late May.

The repairs made on Utley's hip are consistent with what Dr. Kelly expected to find, according to the team.

If all goes as planned Utley should be back to baseball in four to six months. The team will need to keep a close eye on Utley's recovery because as fans know, he will be craving to get out on the field as early as possible.

Phils third baseman Pedro Feliz had a successful lumbar discectomy performed on November 20 in Los Angeles, Cal. He is expected back in eight to 12 weeks, according to the team.

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