Unwrapping the Dilemma

Gift-giving can make things really awkward in the first stages of dating.

With the holiday shopping season among us, so comes the pressure of what to get that special someone you’ve just started casually dating. It becomes a daunting task, when you feel that you are already skating on thin ice; not sure exactly where this relationship is headed. 

You might be afraid things will fall through, because it’s still too new. Well some experts say that in the first stages of dating (mainly if you’re seeing each other once or twice a week), the perfect gift for him/her should not exceed $15-$30. But we wouldn’t put a dollar value on it because quite frankly a $2 card can open up a can of worms!

Matt: Definitely do not write “I hope we can spend next Christmas together” implying a future can be misleading.”

Steph: But don’t make her feel like she’s just one of the guys. It’s okay to let her know she’s actually on your mind.

Our best advice: Keep it fun & light. Follow up with simply Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or any other holiday card that Hallmark is pushing this season.

Here are our  Top 3 Gifts for That “Special Someone”

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