Uncle Bill's Pancake House Serves Up Hot Pancakes with Love and Lots of Whipped Butter

Typically, on any weekend Uncle Bill’s Pancake House is the place to eat before hitting the beach. The lines outside often look daunting, but don’t be scared away, the table turnover is fast. You rarely wait longer than twenty minutes for a seat.


The brand new Uncle Bill’s on 40th and West Ave in Ocean City has a similar structure to its predecessors. It’s loud, there are tons of windows, and lots of white d�cor illuminating the dining room. There are also large murals depicting the beach in all its glory.

As for the food, the name is pretty representative of the menu. The buttermilk pancakes ($5.75) are the ones to beat. They’re thin, but still sweet, fluffy, and topped with a mound of whipped butter. Though the traditional pancakes are delicious on their own and need no real additions, there are plenty of options for variations and fillers. The buckwheat or corn pancakes ($6) offer a more interesting, healthier alternative for flapjacks. As far as fillers go, any hotcakes can be topped with apples or berries, but they can also come stuffed with chocolate chips, pecans, or blueberries. They can be accompanied sides such as bacon, sausage, or eggs.

For those of you who aren’t jumping up and down for pancakes, there are also omelettes and waffles, or if your looking for some real decadence, check out the cream cheese stuffed French toast, served with a side of cinnamon butter ($8). Top it all off with a cup of Uncle Bill’s coffee or fresh orange juice.

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House offers some of the best breakfast this side of the Jersey shore. The pancakes are to die for, and the service is quick, so you can hurry to the beach for those critical tanning hours. Check out Uncle Bill’s at any of their seaside locations and be part of a long running shore tradition.

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