Tucker Max Just Wants to Make You Laugh

Irreverent humorist still "Hopes They Serve Beer in Hell"

Author and blogger Tucker Max -- known for his stories of womanizing, drinking and flat out debauchery -- just wants to be funny, or so he says.

But if being laughable is the goal, one must ask whether all of the tales featured on his self-titled blog and books like I Hope They Serve Bell in Hell and the soon-to-be released Assholes Finish First are really true.

Humor by its nature is more factual, Max said in our recent interview.

Max sounded hoarse and tired as he spoke during the early morning pow-wow. It made sense, considering the humorist drove to Boston, Mass. after promoting his new movie, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell,” in Philly the night before. He didn't speak with the same confidence he expresses on TuckerMax.com where he writes under the tagline "My name is Tucker Max, and I am an asshole."

So how did Max start sharing his epic adventures with the world?

The blog was developed from emails he used to write to Duke Law School buddies after graduation. “I hated my job,” said Max. “So I had more time to write emails.”

"I just tried to be funny," he admitted.

Max knew he was on to something humorous when he started getting his own emails back -- sent to him from others who didn’t even realize he'd written the sordid tales. In Sept. 2002, the online journal was born.

He has since spread accounts of vomit, sexploits and hockey to the world. And for the most part, the women left in the wake of his stories have responded positively to making it into Max’s lore, he said. It helps that he changes their names, of course.

Through it all, Max remained unapologetic for pretty much everything. For prosperity’s sake (and proof) he even posted photo evidence of some of the notorious moments on Flickr.

However, after telling stories about run-ins with little people, various women and one infamous hotel lobby, it is tough for Max to pick a favorite.

“Whichever one is funny is my favorite,” said Max.

The life of Tucker Max isn't all fun though. Telling the crude tales has earned Max a score of detractors like Michael Ian Black and even lawsuits from former Miss Vermont Katy Johnson among others. But one thing it hasn’t earned him is what might be expected by some of those who don’t find the humor in his words -- a kick in the crotch.

“I can’t understand why anyone would do that,” Max said.

All these stories must make Max’s loved ones blush. When asked about his relationship with his mother Max said he doesn’t really have a relationship with his parents.

He also has some regrets. “Of course I have regrets…everyone does.” But he didn't share if there was one girl he wished he settled down with along the way.

And for a guy always living in the moment, he isn’t sure what the future holds.

“Everything changes -- nothing is permanent,” he cautioned. But he did rule out becoming the new-age version of Hugh Hefner -- even scoffing at the idea.

Yet, for Max, life for the most part is good.

“I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” hits theaters Sept. 25 and he is unabashedly proud of the flick. “My movie is awesome,” boasted Max who doesn’t star in the movie -- instead focusing on writing, production and promotion instead.

Max actually had some experience working in entertainment writing. He wrote a failed TV show way before the blog or book came out, he said.

When asked why he decided to develop the flick now, he replied: “It was about the quickest we could get it out."

Max described “Beer” as a mix between “Swingers” and “Office Space,” which will appeal to people who like everything from “The Hangover” to “Up.”

The response to the movie in Philly was “great,” said Max who is no stranger to the City of Brotherly after years of attending the Army-Navy Game.

And for fans who can’t wait to see the movie Tucker wanted to share a little teaser. “The plot hinges on the Midget Story,” he said.

If you still want to know more about Max all you have to do is ask -- he even promotes it on his Web site.

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