We've Been Tracy's Sugardaddy?!

From the salon to the shore, taxpayers picked up Tracy's tab says DA.

Tracy Connelly didn't have a business card that screamed "kept woman."

After all, working for the sewer department might make interesting cocktail conversation (on some level, I'm sure) but it's not the type of job people generally envy.

But when everything from your salon visits to your rent, your car, even your summer shore rental are being paid for, now that screams "kept woman."

Taxpayers have been picking up the tab on all those items for Connelly, according to court documents.

Over a two-year period, as the office manager for the Conshohocken Sewer Authority, Connelly embezzled $167,000, according to Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman.

The missing money was discovered during an audit. Investigators also discovered 38-year old Connelly had two prior arrests for theft. In one case she pleaded guilty.

"Every major expense of her life was paid for by the taxpayers, right down to a summer shore rental for her son," said the D.A.

And we didn't even get a thank you?

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