Top Five Sex Toys for Valentine's Day

For those of us who are bored with giving our mates flowers or chocolate for Valentine’s Day (items that we hope will get us sex faster), why not skip all the bull and give something that is truly appropriate for this very special day: sex toys! Read on for some quick last minute gift ideas:

Ophoria Line:
Ophoria is a line of very high quality vibrators. They come in many different shapes and sizes, with prices ranging ($18-$55), so you can conserve or splurge if desired. Try the Ophoria #5. It’s a straight vibrator that’s waterproof and can actually recognize pulse patterns as well as standard vibration. It’s also made of special Japanese silicone that can’t carry bacteria. She’ll love it so much she may take you right then and there (Recommendation: to be given in public place)

Lifestyles Skyn Condoms:
Marketed as “The closest thing to wearing nothing”, The Skyn line of lifestyles is one of the hottest sex toy items on the market. Ok, so it’s not a toy, but the Skyn Condom is just as appealing and appropriate. In this era of STD’s, safe sex is a must, but condoms can be a drag. Not anymore, because these tight rubbers are uber thin for maximum sensation, and they are non latex, which proves for less skin irritation. (3 for $4.50)

KY Yours/Mine:
Put this in a little gift basket to with your condoms and maybe some chocolates too (why not). KY Yours/Mine is devised to please both partners, and thus is a great couple’s valentine present. One lubricant tingles, and the other warms, so try it one way and then reverse the lubricants for added fun. ($35)

Japanese Bondage Rope
For those adventurous freaks out there, check this out. The bondage rope is basically a long purple rope that is perfect for tying up your lover in various positions. The plus is that the rope is made of pure cotton and is specifically designed to provide no chafing or bruising. Sounds like a great opportunity to get creative, just don’t forget to untie him afterwards. ($14.95)

Flesh Light
This is known to be the highest selling male sex toy on the market. The Flesh Light is a masturbation tool that slides over a man’s business for an alternative to lubricant based masturbation. It’s basically a tube that comes with a variety of different orifices, including openings resembling mouth, anal, and non-descript.  The special materials used are meant to create a very life-like product. Comes in clear, Mocha, and Flesh. ($59.99)

Also Try: The Sugar Spoon Vibrator ($32, it has spirals for multi speed rotation. Enough said!), and Tuxedo Condoms (for those with classy “members”)

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