Top Cop Tells Bars to Call Police on Fights

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey wants the city to require that bars report fights immediately, before they get out of control.

This is in response to death of David Sale, 22, the Lansdale man allegedly beaten by three men Saturday night outside Citizen’s Bank Park. The fight started over a spilled drink at McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon.

Commissioner Ramsey asked the City Council to require any establishment with a liquor license to call police as soon as there is a disturbance.  Police responded to calls made when participants in the fight were thrown out of McFadden's, but the dispute didn't end, it only moved to the parking lot.

“Another one of these homicides—it started in a bar and got pushed outside. That’s what happens, it gets escalated," said Ramsey.  "We need to know about it when it’s taking place.  If police had been called early on, odds are we would have gotten there, been there long enough to make sure that it truly broke up and you wouldn’t have the escalation."

All three men are in custody and have been charged with murder.

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