Top Brands on Polyvore This Week

This week, the number crunchers at Polyvore provided The Feast with an exclusive peek into the brands that are trending on the mega-site over the past week. With 6.5 million unique visitors every month, Polyvore rightly holds the title of "the Web's largest community of tastemakers," making any analytics around brands rather of note for anyone interested in how the "tastemakers" are viewing the world's brands at any given moment.

Right now, the names at the top of the week's list of "rising brands" are all labels that have been getting a lot of editorial buzz among fashion's insiders:

The week's top mover is Azzedine Alaia, a name that's been on the lips of more than a few editors as many young talents are increasingly citing Alaia -- and his iconic '90s looks -- as an influence. Why buy the designers influenced by the master, after all, when you can purchase the original. What's more, Alaia recently made headlines by calling the current fashion system "inhumane."

The other two designers at the top of the rising brands index are also names that are a bit "inside baseball" to those outside the industry. Firstly: "Theskens' Theory" had a change of +50 percent, reflecting the rise in interest around Theory since cult designer Olivier Theyksens has taken the helm. (For evidence of the brand's slick, spectacular look, browse the latest spring wares online.) Secondly: Haider Ackermann has experienced a similar rise, no doubt in part due to the buzz around his spectacular showing at Paris Fashion Week.

The Polyvore Index is a weekly glimpse into what brands and designers are trending on the Web's largest community of tastemakers, as established by levels of engagment from adding to sets to liking and saving.

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