Philly’s Top 10 Tweeters

These are the people every Philadelphian should be following on Twitter, according to Technically Philly.

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Jon Mendte
Larry Mendte and wife Dawn Stensland Mendte.
Jon Mendte
Former Philly news anchor <b><a href="">Larry Mendte</a></b>, pictured here with wife Dawn Stensland, has close to <a href="">14,000 followers on Twitter</a>. He he keeps them updated on his political and social commentary.<br /> <b>Get More: <a href="">Technically Philly</a>.</b>
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<a href=""><b>Questlove?</b></a> -- drummer for the Roots and "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" -- boasts more that 1.3 million Twitter followers.
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Eagles tight end <a href=""><b>Brent Celek</b></a> tweets about contests, giveaways and Eagles updates.
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Former Miss PA <a href=""><b>Nicole Brewe</b></a> tweeted her way into the digital journalism world. She reports online for CBS3 and the CW Philly.
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<a href=""><b>Josh Kopelman</b></a> -- Philadelphia business entrepreneur -- tweets business with his followers.
Pulitzer Prizer-winning photojournalist <a href=""><b>Jim MacMillan</b></a> tweets all the latest news to his 80,000 followers.
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Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist <a href=""><b>Buzz Bissinger</b></a> is not afraid to tweet his opinions and welcomes others' thoughts. He's got close to 14K followers.
<a href=""><b>Monica Yant Kinney</b></a> is a metro columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and tweets about her stories and other news.
<a href=""><b>John Gruber</b></a> -- blogger and techie -- shares his electronic knowledge with 75,000 Twitter followers.
<a href=""><b>Todd Zolecki</b></a> writes about the Phillies' ups and downs on and tweets about baseball with his 8,000 followers. <b>Get More: <a href="">Technically Philly</a>.</b>
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