Tony Luke's Steaks to Hit Supermarkets

Within the next few months, you’ll see Tony Luke’s cheesesteaks in your grocer’s freezer.

That’s right. It took cheesesteak expert Tony Lucidonio Jr. nearly two years and more than 100 tries, according to The Inquirer, but he finally got it right.

"Is it as good as a steak I just pulled off my grill? No," Lucidonio told the paper. "But is it the best frozen steak? It is the closest thing you will get to having someone cook on a flat-top griddle."

Tony Luke’s cheesesteak, roast-pork and chicken cheesesteak sandwiches will be on sale across the nation. And they’ll actually taste good—the meat will be grilled and the roll won’t be hard as a rock Lucidonio told The Inquirer.

The secret? It’s in the bag...or the microwave, Lucidonio couldn’t give too much detail due to a pending patent.

The meat is cooked and the roll is nuked separately. Put it all together and voila! You've got Tony Luke right in your own kitchen.

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