Tony Luke's Beats Jim's by 20 Votes

The poll was not rigged. The vote was not even. Tony Luke’s beat out Jim’s Steaks in the cheesesteak debate fair and square.

All right, all right, everybody calm down.

We know that at first look, the results of our cheesesteak debate state that both Jim’s Steaks and Tony Luke’s received 50 percent of the vote. But it wasn’t an even. Tony Luke’s won your favor, Philadelphia, by a mere 20 votes for the title of Philly’s Golden Local.

The “50/50” just means the vote was so close, our polling system couldn’t calculate decimal point-involved percentages.

Look at the numbers, people. They’re available on Jim’s Steaks page  and Tony Luke’s page for all to see. You voted for your favorite cheesesteak maker, and we tallied every vote. Tony Luke's eeked out a win with 1,579 votes over Jim's 1,559 votes.

There you have it. These two Philadelphia institutions are both so popular to the people of this city, it almost came out to be a tie. Almost.

So congratulations Tony Luke’s. And to you too, Jim’s: Philly loves you both.

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