Toms Launches Charitable Eyewear

TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie recently announced his footwear company's expansion into vision -- offering pro-bono sight services for every pair of sunglasses sold.

Having pioneered the one-for-one model with his buy a pair, give a pair shoes, Mycoskie joins simiilar initiatives like Eyefly and Warby Parker, offering sunglasses styles priced between $135 and $145. For each pair purchased, a prescription pair of lenses or sight-saving treatment will be donated to individuals in need.

Official launch festivities went down in Santa Monica, but everyone can get in on the philanthropic eyewear action -- the eyewear site has launched alongside TOMS footwear -- complete with virtual try-on -- and men's and women's styles include three classic silhouettes resembling a wayfarer, a round plastic frame and aviator. [THE FEAST SAN DIEGO] [THE FEAST LA]

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