Grab Your Sexy Winter Wear

As the weather grows colder and more depressing, you’ll likely feel inclined to stay in the house this holiday season. But the Snow City Lodge at Mad River in Old City is offering up a remedy for your cabin fever.

The Lodge’s Thursday Night getaway features $4 Smirnoff and Captain Morgan mugs as well as $1 Bud Lights. In addition, you get the chance to win a free getaway to the Poconos and a custom-made snowboard.

And as if the icy temperatures weren’t enough motivation to dress warmly, the bar is offering free drinks to the ladies dressed wearing Uggs or hoodies. Oh, and the "lucky lady in the cutest winter outfit will win $50 cash in the Sexy Snow Bunny Contest."

The Lodge is part of the Mad River Bar & Grille, located at 126 Chestnut Street.

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