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Tina Fey Returns Home, Talks Pizza, High School and Mean Girls

“She doesn’t even go here.”

Not anymore at least.

Once upon a time though Tina Fey, of Mean Girls and 30 Rock fame, called Upper Darby High School and Summer Stage home.

Saturday night she returned to the stage for a screening of "Mean Girls" and a Q and A session moderated by fellow Summer Stage alum and TV Guide writer Damien Holbrook.

“I was the only kid who would return to school paler than when I left,” Fey said of spending her summers working on shows, sewing costumes and singing in the chorus.

She wouldn’t have had it any other way.

It was a packed house for the event with many Summer Stage alumni in the audience who were invited onstage to sing a Summer Stage classic “To Fill the World With Love” with Fey before the start of the film.

After the movie, Fey came out and answered questions from the audience and reminisced with Holbrook about their Summer Stage days.

“No matter how hard it was at school it was over when you got home,” the Twitterless Fey said.

“Today there’s so many devices for boys to not call you on.”

She enjoyed her days spent in the chorus, but 'Miss SNL' never had a leading role during her time there.

She talked about the importance of trying out all the jobs whether it be lighting, sound, acting or costumes which she helped make with Holbrook’s brother at Summer Stage.

The "Bossypants" author gave advice to women living in a male-powered business world.

“Don’t eat diet food in meetings. Eat a steak,” she said.

Meanwhile pizza, specifically nearby Pica’s, is Fey’s food of choice.

A member of the audience asked if she were planning on going to Pica’s after the show.

“Actually I filled up on a ton of Pica’s before this so…yes.”

Tina Fey answered rumors about a "Mean Girls" musical saying that it was in the works but still a few years out.

Fey both starred in and wrote the screenplay for the film. The movie celebrated its 10 year anniversary this year.

Fey said some inspiration came from her experiences at Upper Darby High School.

Holbrook wrapped up the Q and A after looking at his watch and announcing it was nearly 10 p.m.

A very concerned Fey said, "We gotta get out of here before Dairy Queen closes."

Clearly Fey is still "deep Delco," as Holbrook put it.

Proceeds from Saturday's event went towards a new sound system for Summer Stage, replacing the 25-year-old system.

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