Tina Fey Names New Baby Frisbeeface

Speaking last night at a more-than-sold-out appearance at the Free Library as part of the Book Festival, actress/writer/comedian/pregnant lady Tina Fey answered a fan's question as to what 'fruit' she planned on naming her baby by announcing the as-yet-unborn child's name: 'Frisbeeface.'

Fey, born and raised in Upper Darby, returned to her native land in order to promote the release of her semi-memoir, Bossypants (currently ranked #3 on amazon's selling list), a collection of essays and anecdotes about her life. She announced her new pregnancy just last week on an appearance on 'Oprah.'

As a testament to her surging popularity in her hometown, the event not only sold out the Central Library auditorium, it also sold out two nearby simulcasts. The large crowd, some of whom beyond reverent, got to hear their heroine crack wise about her new baby's name and nearly everything else she could get her hands on, including former "SNL" alum Al Franken, her upbringing, and, naturally, her fortuitous doppelganger, Sarah Palin.

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