This Password Gets You 25-cent Cocktails

Artisanal boozemakers Peach Street Distillers are the proud producers of TuB Gin, which has a huge following here in Philly. In honor of the 78th anniversary of the signing of the Cullen-Harrison Act—which allowed the flow of liquor to resume in the U.S.—TuB Gin is going all covert speakeasy on you with some private parties and cheap drinks on April 7...if you know where to look and what to say.

Show up at any of the establishments listed below at the appropriate time (you're going to have to ring them for the details), and drop the password "tub" (clever, we know) on the bartender for a 25 cent drink.

Franklin Mortgage & Investment, PYT, Prohibition Tap Room, South Philly Taproom, and The Grey Lodge are all participating in the celebration, and will be more than happy to make some tipples if you tell them we sent you. Dress sharp, folks. [The Feast]

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