This Local Piggy Is on Facebook

Norman Marini, the potbellied resident of Marini Produce in Brandywine Hundred, is busy.

Busy making friends, that is -- and on Facebook, no less.

Norman began his career as a mascot, running towards and squealing at anyone visiting Marini Produce.

But this little piggy became so popular, the family was forced to create him his very own Facebook page.

Now, the porker has nearly 1200 friends on the social networking site.

According to Norman’s profile, he’s in the market for a manager, a fan of Miley Cyrus, Joe Dirt, and Dr. Phil and he’s “in a relationship, but it’s complicated.”

One family member, Danny Marini, says that older customers who have never been on Facebook have joined just to be able to write to the pig.

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