A Date at the Guerrilla Drive-In

Guerrilla Drive-Ins: Coolest Way to Watch a Movie

If high movie ticket prices keep you out of the theater, and the convenience of Netflix and On-Demand keep you lazy and permanently sunken into your couch, you may want to get up. And make your way to a secret “guerrilla drive-in” movie location.

Here’s how it works: Become a member of the West Chester Guerilla Drive-In, and you will be notified where to show up and what will be playing, making your Saturday night much more adventurous than before.

You could end up watching Repo Man in a junkyard and Caddy Shack on a golf course. Tell me that’s not cool. You can’t.

According to the Associated Press, John Young created the West Chester Guerilla Drive-In as part of a loosely-knit network of drive-ins for a new generation. Young shows 16MM feature films at secret locations near West Chester, Pa., but you have to be a member to find out the location.

Members bring lawn chairs or sit in their cars to watch the movies under the stars. Audio is transmitted through each car’s radio. People can tailgate, walk around, meet other locals, or simply watch the movie in the comfort of their cars.

Young has projected more than a dozen movies at locations suited for the theme: "Meatballs" at a canoe rental center, "Caddyshack" on a golf course, and most recently, "Ghostbusters" at Fort Mifflin, a favorite haunt of paranormal investigators.

Guerrilla drive-ins are typically free, with attendees' donations used to offset the organizer's expenses, says the AP.

The next movie will be showing Saturday June 27.

I would totally do it…if I had a car. And I don’t think SEPTA works with the guerrilla lifestyle.

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