The Teacher Says: Homework Help Now

Many city residents have been upset about possible cuts in the Philadelphia library system.  But, we found one program the library offers, which won’t be affected by the possible budget cuts. 

When Alex Sigal struggles with a math problem, he’s not struggling alone.  He has help by his side, or rather, at his fingertips.

Somewhere in the country, a tutor is sitting at her computer and chatting with Alex online.

“It’s like your teacher is standing right there.  You can’t see her, but you feel like she’s right there,” Alex said.

Alex is able to get the free tutoring help by logging on the Free Library of Philadelphia Web site.  The best part is; he doesn’t need to be sitting in a library to take advantage of the program.

“This is a way of getting homework help whether you’re at home or you’re at school,” Free Library of Philadelphia Director of Library Services Hendra Packman said.

“It helps him, because he doesn’t get frustrated.  I get frustrated because a lot of the math, I really don’t understand,” SUPER: Gina Sigal, Alex’s mom, said. 

As Alex works through the problem, his tutor’s encouraging words move him along until he gets the answer.

He gets the answer.  For Alex, knowing where to turn to for homework help is a no-brainer.  He knows he’ll always find a friendly teacher online.

The library systems in Chester, Delaware, and Lancaster counties also have free online tutoring available.

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