The Ministry of Secret Jokes

Every second Wednesday of the month, you can find yourself in a taboo underworld of humor and laughter, it is called The Ministry of Secret Jokes and it's held deep in the bowels of Fergie's Pub. Well, okay, it's really just the upstairs, but that's kind of hidden.

Hosted by Doogie Horner's Andrew Nice Clay, the night begins with all audience members taking an oath of secrecy before transitioning into a revolving door of stand-ups and ending with something called an Omniana battle. An Omniana battle requires two comedians to each pick a card from a deck. From the card, they read aloud the name of the mythical creature listed, as well as the beast's strengths and weaknesses. They then proceed to battle each other in wit, relying on their given creature's attributes to win the final round.

You can catch the next Ministry of Secret Jokes on April 20 at 8 p.m.

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