The Israeli Film Festival Hits Philly

Attention movie lovers -- if you’re interested in the diverse and rich culture of Israel or just want to see some great flicks, The Israeli Film Festival is for you.

Opening night is Saturday, Feb. 6 at The Gersham Y with the feature film, A Matter of Size.

"It's a story about fat Israeli sumo wrestling...and it's thoroughly enjoyable," according to MTV's Movies Blog. "What's not to love?"

Eyes Wide Open is a documentary that explores the theme of forbidden love. Aaron, a married man and father of four hires a young, good-looking apprentice to help him out in his butcher's shop. The relationship between the two men evolves and propels Aaron in a "radical" direction.

Eyes Wide Open Trailer

"Hanky panky among Jerusalem's ultra-orthodox is treated with restraint and autehnticity, deserving an audience beyond the assumed target of gays, Jewish-interest and cinephiles," says Harvey Karten on Rotten Tomatoes.

Eyes Wide Open won Best Movie at the 2009 International Ghent Film Festival.

You can see it at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute on Sunday, Feb. 14.

Check the festival's listings for showtimes and locations for other award-winning dramas, comedies, and documentaries from Israel’s most innovative writers and directors. Buy a series pass for $100 for the total immersion experience!

The festival runs through March 20.

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