‘The Hangover 2' Makes Philly Debut

In preparation for a midnight open Thursday night, the new bawdy film The Hangover 2, starring Philly's own Bradley Cooper, had a pre-release premiere for fans and critics. All we can say is one group seemed to really dig it, and the other, not so much.

The film does its best to recreate the original's magic (some might say to the point of out-and-out plagiarism), only this time, instead of Vegas, the boys find themselves in Bangkok, with absolutely no idea how they got there.

So far, in our unofficial internet straw poll, the critics aren't digging it quite so much (unless they happen to be better known for their food criticism skills), but there is absolutely no denying the frenzy of anticipation for the flick, nor the uproarious laughter that punctuated nearly every scene from the packed house last night.

Well, it wouldn't be the first time this season a film has struck such a disharmony between audiences and critics.

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