The Greatest Scoop of Ice Cream Ever

After you're done reading this post, tell the boss/wife you need to grab lunch, and head directly to Philly Flavors to order a double scoop of Birthday Cake. We promise it will change your life for the good, putting all other ice cream flavors in their place, left to gaze longingly at the throne where Birthday Cake now sits. This is not the delicate beauty that is Capogiro's sophisticated gelato. This is an old-school three-napkin hard ice cream experience.

As with every scoop at Philly Flavors, the Birthday Cake is made in-house. Ribbons of technicolor icing twist their way through a vanilla base that's packed with chunks of yellow butter cake. We top it off with Reese's Peanut Butter purée, but feel free to choose your own adventure.

If you're not a hard ice cream fan, they also offer soft serve, and represent Philly well with a superb water ice. Again, everything is made on the premises and the flavors change daily. For those in the mood for a County Fair treat, we suggest a made-to-order funnel cake or Belgian waffle ice cream sandwich.

It's going to hit 75 degrees out there today, and we think that's a great reason to celebrate. If you need another excuse, we would like to point out that a few famous folks are celebrating birthdays today: Former South African President F.W. de Klerk turns 75 and it's the 55th go around for Rick "The Model" Martel, former WWF Tag Team World Champion. [The Feast]

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