The Daily Dirt: February 5

Disney star Miley Cyrus is the queen of bad press and now, she's forced to defend her actions AGAIN. After photos surfaced of the pop star pulling at the corners of her eyes (as were others in the picture) she's vehemently denying that she was mocking Asians in any way. In fact, Cyrus posted this statement on her official website. "In no way was I making fun of any ethnicity!"

Bob Saget's got a new show, "Surviving Suburbia," in which he plays a cynical dad. The show premieres on April 6 and it's going to be on ABC right after "Dancing with the Stars."

Add Jewel to the "Dancing with the Stars" Roster. The country crooner is all set to whip her body into shape on the 8th season of the hit show.

Sad news for fans of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. Last year, Carter went to the doctor for chest pains and found out he had cardiomyopathy--a serious disease in which the heart muscle becomes inflamed and doesn't work as well as it should. In Nick's case, the disease was caused by years of excessive drug and alcohol abuse. His doctor informed him that if he didn't change his partying ways, he'd end up dead. He has since cleaned up his act.

This is weird. Pregnant rap star M.I.A. is performing at the Grammy's this Sunday, February 8. So what? Well, the hip-hopper, who is up for two awards, is also due on the very same day!

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