That Guy: Scott Haney

This week's That Guy Profile is Scott Haney.

This week's Profile is Scott Haney of Philadelphia,Pa. Philly Fashion guru Sabir Peele tells us why Scott is this week's That Guy.

What I like about this look?

Guys, take note- If you are going to rock the bearded look (especially during warmer months), Scott is a great example of a well-groomed face. The weather is starting to heat up and for the guy that is committed to their facial hair, trimming your beard will make your more presentable and physically cooler this summer. In terms of his outfit, I love the fact that he opted for a short sleeve buttoned-down shirt instead of a polo or t-shirt. A short sleeve buttoned-down is a great alternative to its more casual counterparts because it can be dress up and is has more structure to its shape. A small detail not to be missed is that he grounded this look with a chunky pair of wingtip shoes, which is a genius style move.

Where could this outfit be worn?

This outfit can become a guy's everyday spring/summer look. For the guy that doesn't want to be dressed up or down when they go grab a few drinks with the fellas.

Where can you buy this particular look?

Look to brands like Nautica, Ralph Lauren, Prana Milo and Gap for short sleeve buttoned-down shirts this spring and summer. Dark rinse denim jeans are carried by almost every major clothing brand out, but, some brands to look out for are Onassis Clothing, A.P.C, Levi's, Lucky and J.Crew. For a nice pair of chunkier wingtip Oxford shoes brands like Florsheim, Duckie Brown, J.Crew and Allen Edmonds are your best bet. For a great pair of specs (eyewear) check out Warby Parker and Oliver Peoples.

Style tip?

Just for the sake of making this outfit lighter, a pair of white canvas sneakers could really bring this look into the spring/summer mode. Also, if you want a lighter fabric than denim for your bottoms, switch out these jeans for a pair of navy chinos. Navy chinos will give you the same effect as denim, but, they will be much lighter and keep you cool.

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