That Guy: Manny Abendano

This week's That Guy's Profile is Manny Abendano.

This week's profile is Manny Abendano from Old City. Philly fashion guru Sabir Peele tells us why Manny is this week's "That Guy."

What I like about this look?

Manny's look brings a bit of the Neapolitan flair to the fair city of Philadelphia. The tailored fit of the windowpane blazer and the off-white trouser shows that he truly understands how to make an outfit work for all seasons. Since there are a variety of colors and textures at work in this look, he was smart to keep the colors muted so none of the pieces would  overshadow each other.

Where could this outfit be worn?

This outfit has the ability to be worn anywhere.  He’s  wearing this outfit to work, however, this would make a great upscale dinner look. If you plan on catching a show on the Avenue of the Arts, you will have no problem adhering to the dress code with this look.

Where can you buy this particular look?

Starting from the bottom up, you can grab a pair of what may be the most versatile shoes on the market, the double monk strap, from Mercanti Fiorentini by way of DSW. For an off-white pair of chinos, look at Lands End Canvas and their "painter's pants". Head over to Macy's and pick up a windowpane pattern blazer by Tommy Hilfiger .

Style Tip?

There isn't much that I would change about this look. Some alternatives for people that are not fond of light color trousers would be to pair the top half with a Grey or dark denim jean. The key to making that alternative look work would be to keep the fit and taper of the jeans similar to that of this dress pants. To make the look a bit more modern, size down the tie, and down size the tie bar as well.

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