That Guy: Justin Faulkner

This week's That Guy's Profile is Justin Faulkner.

This week's profile is Justin Faulkner of Philadelphia. Philly fashion guru Sabir Peele tells us why Justin is this week's "That Guy." 

What I like about this look?

When I spotted Justin in Center City , Philadelphia, it was evident that he was taking advantage of the unseasonably warm late fall days in terms of his outfit. It was just about 70 degrees out in November and his ability to incorporate a tailored linen blazer into the rest of his somewhat fall inspired look was well thought out. Remaining true to the season, he opted for a rich pair of brown suede desert boots that really dressed-up his denim look.

Where could this outfit be worn?

This look is great for a fall stroll through the city.  This look works for a casual day at work (depending on his work environment). If he was going to a more casual after work location or dining event, this look has the ability to make him look more polished.

Where can you buy this particular look?

If you are looking for a tailored linen blazer just like this one, H&M carried this exact blazer this past summer and it was a huge hit. Brands like Gap and Club Room carry gingham shirts all year long. Depending on your color choice, a gingham shirt doesn't have to be a seasonal option. If you plan to wear your shirt without a tie, opt for the button down collar version instead of the traditional straight point dress shirt style, to keep your shirt collar under control. Grab a great pair of desert boots from UGG or Clarks to complete this look.

Style Tip?

The overall concept of this look is great! However, I have one suggestion. Anytime you wear a blazer with a button up shirt, it should always be tucked into your pants.  If you’re not the type to tuck, go up a size in the blazer so the shirt and blazer will be the same length.  Overall, he has nailed this look.


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