That Guy: Darryl Matthew

This week's That Guy Profile is Darryl Matthew from Philadelphia.

This week's profile is Darryl Matthew from Philadelphia. Philly fashion guru Sabir Peele tells us why Darryl is this week's "That Guy." 

What I like about this look.

Darryl shows his understanding of using colors as a statement, while keeping the rest of his look muted. Since his tie and shirt both are full of color and distinct patterns, it was very smart of him to pair them with a navy suit and dark brown shoes. Mixing the heavy patterns of the shirt and tie can be risky, however, tying in the purples from both pieces adds a bit on continuity and pop of color to this look.

Where can this look be worn?

If you work in a suit and tie environment, but, have some freedom to mix things up from your traditional stripes and solids this look would be perfect for your office. Take notice that his shoes are in the style of a wingtip shoe, however, they're a mixture of a sneaker and dress shoe. If you plan to be on your feet all day and want to look put together, a sleek hybrid shoe can be paired with a suit very well.

Where can you buy this look?

Take a trip to Neiman Marcus in the King of Prussia Mall and head to the Isaia suit section to pick up this well tailored ensemble. If you want a more pronounced striping on your suit, Modasuite has a great option for you. Floral ties are more of a British inspired item that has found its away across the pond. Liberty of London is a great place to look if you want to add a floral tie to your wardrobe. Checked or gingham shirts can make your suit pop and the Club Room brand offer a variety of these shirt at some very reason prices at Macys. Ditch the dress shoes and add these brown wingtips sneakers by Moreschi to this look and no one will know the differences.

Style Tip?

There are only a few tweaks that I would make to this look. To make the look a bit more conservative, opt for a solid navy,silk, or knit tie to tone down the pattern of the shirt. Even though comfort is always key when it comes to footwear, I would swap out his hybrid sneaker for a pair of leather wingtip shoes. A true dress shoe would make this look a bit more refined. The final tweak falls with the length of the sleeves on his blazer. A properly fit blazer should leave room for a few centimeters of the shirt cuff to shows.

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