That Girl: Rebecca Collins

This week's That Girl's Profile is Rebecca Collins.

 This week's profile is Rebecca Collins from Center City, Philadelphia. Philly fashion guru Catriona Whitehead tells us why Rebecca is this week's "That Girl." 

What I like about this look?

The lesson here is shape, and this outfit is perfect for her shape!

This patterned and loose dress achieves two things: 1) while the dress is rather shapeless on its own, its short hemline and full, low-cut, collar provides an appealing look. And 2) the pattern makes the ensemble interesting, extroverted, and personal to her. She has layered a blazer, which performs three functions: 1) it quiets the loud print by minimizing the amount of pattern we see, 2) it matures the look, by transforming this festive and girly print/shape into a more refined and experienced-looking garment, and 3) it provides shape to the shapeless dress, creating a smoother and more fitted line for her figure.

Where could this outfit be worn?

I met Rebecca in a lounge and felt her ensemble was perfectly appropriate. This is an evening outfit, fit for dinner, clubbing, parties, etc. She could switch her black platforms for a sandal, flat, or knee high boot, and convert this into a daylook—good for shopping, lunching, and socializing.

Where can you buy this particular look?

Blazers can be found at any major department store, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, JCrew, and Target. This type of dress is more easily found during the spring and summer months at any major department store, JCrew, H & M, a boho-type boutique (such as South Moon), or Target.

Style tip?

Honestly, I wouldn’t change anything about this outfit.

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