That Girl: Kristin Summers

This week's That Girl Profile is Kristin Summers.

This week's Profile is Kristin Summers of Philadelphia, PA. Philly Fashion guru Catriona Whitehead  tells us why Kristin  is this week's That Girl.

What I like about this look?

While I realize that the weather is becoming much too warm for this outfit in its entirety, eliminating the leather jacket leaves a fabulous look for this summer temperament in the evenings. This young woman’s look provides both attitude and femininity. The long flowing skirt, specific to the female sex, gives her length in the leg and grace in her demeanor. The leopard print blouse provides pattern that works well with black and enhances her strength of presence—she looks daring. The turquoise trim around the neckline gives a soft pop of color that enlivens the overall darkness of the ensemble and hints at summer’s arrival. The slouchy grey bag helps to pick up the softer tones in the leopard print and the turquoise beading, while simultaneously tempering the commanding nature of the black skirt; like black, grey is an obscure color, but offers more light, helping the overall look appear more alive.   

 Where could this outfit be worn?

 This outfit is appropriate for casual to dressy-casual evening activities: dinner, parties, the theater. 

 Where can you buy this particular look?

  A black flowing skirt such as this is available at Dillards,,, Urban Outfitters, and Zara. If you are having trouble finding leopard print blouses with turquoise detailing, as I am, simply put a leopard print blouse and a chunky turquoise necklace together. A nice leopard print blouse can be found at,, Forever 21,,, and Zara. Some lovely turquoise necklaces can be found at,,,,,, and A slouchy grey bag such as this can be found at,,, and If you don’t have a light grey slouchy bag and don’t feel like purchasing one, a light brown one will do just as well.

Style tip?

My one recommendation: she should throw on some brown strappy wedges-it will create a softer, summery, look.

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